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All OpenTracker models use the same firmware and configuration program, but some hardware features differ. See the latest OT1 manual for software/firmware documentation.

T2-135 Manual (preliminary)

Model OT1

Manual (PCB rev 4)
Manual (PCB rev 3)
Schematic, PCB Revision 2-3 (green or black)
Schematic, PCB Revision 4 (red)

Model OT1x

German manual (Benutzerhandbuch)
German assembly guide (Aufbauhinweise)
Schematic (PCB Revision 3)
Extended board, designed to fit the PacTec CNS-0101 case. Includes larger voltage regulator. PTT keying method and audio level selectable through jumpers. 1-Wire data bus signal is accessible on the serial connector for connection to the 1-Wire Weather Station.

Model OT1m

Release notes
The OT1m adds a 2.1mm power jack, RJ-11 accessory for 1-wire devices, and an optional 9 or 20 amp high-side switch to control power to a radio, particularly useful for solar powered weather stations.

Data Sheets

MC68HC908KX8 microcontroller
HC08 CPU reference manual
NJM78L05 voltage regulator
LM335 temperature sensor

Revisions (OT1)

To date, there have been four major PCB revisions, not counting various prototypes.

Revision 1 - Only a handful of these boards were produced. These boards did not have voltage measurement capability.
Revision 2 - Three variations were produced, all marked 'Rev 2'. They differ only in the board manufacturer and some minor trace routing changes.
Revision 3 - This revision adds a TTL-level carrier detect input and features an improved PCB layout and a black solder mask.
Revision 4 - 2N3904 transistors replaced with 2N7000 FETs. Larger voltage regulator, 5 volt output capability, and red solder mask.