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Software and Firmware

otwincfg.exe - Configuration program for Windows, 1-23-2008

It's not normally necessary to download the firmware images manually. The configuration program is capable of downloading the latest firmware and writing it directly to the device. The below firmware images are provided for off-line use.

OpenTracker+ series

otplus.s19 - OpenTracker 1+ standard firmware build 54488, 1-23-2007
otplus-smt-telem.s19 - Extended telemetry support for OT1+ SMT, 1-23-2008
otplus-psk31.s19 - PSK31 (31.25 bps BPSK) support for OT1+ SMT, 8-6-2007
otplus-1wirewx.s19 - Dallas 1-wire weather station support, 11-8-2007
otplus-peetbros.s19 - Peet Bros weather station support, 11-8-2007
otplus-kiss.s19 - KISS firmware, 11-8-2007

OpenTracker 1 series

ot1.s19 - OpenTracker 1 firmware (includes OT1, OT1x, OT1m), 11-8-2007
ot1-300.s19 - OT1 300 baud firmware, 5-29-2006
ot1-psk31.s19 - OT1 PSK31 firmware, 5-29-2006
ot1-dallaswx.s19 - OT1 Dallas 1-wire weather station support, 11-21-2005


ot2.s19 - Tracker2 firmware
ot2.bin - Tracker2 firmware in binary format for XMODEM upload
ot2-protoc.s19 - Tracker2 firmware (Proto C version and earlier)
ot2-protoc.bin - Tracker2 firmware (Proto C and earlier) in binary format

For manuals and schematics, see the documentation section. Source code is available at Freepository.

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