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APRS Tracker Capabilities

TrackerNMEA SentencesGarminSmart BeaconingTimeslotting Fixed PositionSource AvailableFlash UpdatesWeatherTelemetry Temperature SensorVoltage SensorTimestampWaypoint Output ProfilesCompressed FormatMic-E FormatTransmit on PTT 300 BaudOpenTRAC ProtocolPower Req.Price (USD)
TinyTrak3 GGA, RMC No Yes Yes No No No Yes [1] No No No Yes No 2 No Yes Yes Yes No $30
HamHUD II ? ? Yes ? ? Yes Yes No No No No Yes ? 1 ? ? ? ? No $
KPC-3+ Any [2] No No No Yes No No Yes [2] Yes No No Yes No 1 No No No No No $186
OpenTracker GGA, RMC, GLL No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No 2 Yes No Yes Yes Yes 110 mW $29
microTNT GGA, RMC No Yes No No No Yes No No No No No Soon 1 No Yes ? No No ? $99
TigerTrak TM-1+ Any [2] No No Yes No Yes No No 10 No Yes Yes No < 540 mW $110
Anti-Tracker Yes [1] N/A N/A N/A Yes No No No No No N/A Yes N/A No Yes N/A No No DIY
Son of TinyTrak No Yes No No No No No No No No $0 [3]
PicoPacket ? ? ? ? ? No ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? No $169
MIM Yes Yes No No No 180 mW? $79
MIC-E Yes Yes No No N/A
PIC-E No No $65

[1] - Available with alternate firmware / paid upgrade
[2] - Transmits raw strings with specified headers
[3] - Firmware replacement for TinyTrak

NMEA Sentnences - NMEA sentences the unit will parse from a GPS receiver.
Garmin - Will the unit connect to a GPS receiver using the Garmin protocol?
SmartBeaconing - Adaptive beacon rate support.
Timeslotting - Ability to transmit only in assigned time slots.
Fixed Position - Will unit transmit fixed coordinates with no GPS?
Source Available - Is the source code available for modification?
Flash Updates - Can the firmware be updated without removing chips?
Weather - Does the unit support weather station operation?
Telemetry - Can the unit report analog telemetry values or switch settings?
Temperature Sensor - Does the unit have a build-in temperature sensor?
Voltage Sensor - Can the unit report its supply voltage?
Timestamp - Can the unit provide timestamps on transmissions?
Waypoint Output - Does the unit have the ability to send received stations as waypoints to a GPS?
Profiles - How many configuration profiles can the device store?
Compressed Format - Does the unit support APRS Compressed format?
Mic-E Format - Does the unit support APRS Mic-E encoding?
Transmit on PTT - Can the unit function as a mic encoder and transmit when PTT is pressed?
300 Baud - Will the unit transmit at 300 baud for HF?
OpenTRAC Protocol - Does the unit support OpenTRAC protocol transmissions?
Power Req. - Average power consumption of device in mW.
Price - Price, in USD, of least expensive model available.