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  • OSI Certified Open Source Software
  • FLASH memory allows firmware to be updated or replaced in seconds
  • On-board temperature and battery voltage sensors
  • Counter function - count input signals with optional reset on transmit
  • Uses the same cables as the Kantronics KPC-3/3+ and Byonics TinyTrak3
  • Low power consumption - about 9 ma @ 12 volts
  • SmartBeaconing™ support for adaptive transmit rate
  • APRS™ support for position, course/speed, altitude, symbol, and comment
  • APRS™ compressed position formats (optional)
  • 1200 baud and 300 baud firmware versions available
  • Uses any combination of $GPRMC, $GPGGA, and $GPGLL NMEA sentences
  • Quartz crystal clock source for excellent temperature stability
  • Dual configuration support - selectable by jumper, voltage, altitude, speed, or temperature
  • Can report number of satellites in use and HDOP
  • Low voltage inhibit to prevent draining car batteries when unattended